You're still the same spoiled little girl I knew two years ago.

She wanted to enter the carriage.

How large is the population of New York City?

He's coming back for you and me.

My band's playing tonight.


Gunter didn't want me to phone Jeff.

We've got something to show you.

He is often late for school on Mondays.

I wish I had a good French dictionary.


Someone tried to poison Diana.

Did you know Kieran was writing a novel?

Kusum thinks that vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes, but Victor's not so sure.

If you behave like a lackey, you're treated like a lackey.


This is a pain.


Can you guess how old I am?

Rex is obviously upset with Diane's behavior.

I've always admired you, Tigger.

Is that the woman who knows the answer?

Say what you will, he won't accept your invitation.

I enjoyed living in Boston.

That was totally epic!

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I guess Harmon got our message.


I wish she'd look me in the eyes.


Circumstances surrounding the textile industry have changed.


My goal is to get in this album one day.


Sandeep died after stepping on a scorpion in the desert.

He is as skillful a surgeon as ever lived.

I don't want to be told what to do.


It's a fiddle going to and fro between the keyboard and mouse so are there shortcuts to allow operation using only the keyboard?

I received a letter from my friend.

The gymnast slipped on the balance beam.

What? That's what she called me?

You've really thought of everything.

A heath is often created or expanded by fire, which prevents the growth of trees.

The engine was seized and the lug nuts were frozen on all four wheels.

How've you been, Rajarshi?

She's on a diet.


Anderson and Stu get along.

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I was admiring the view.

How handsome you are!

And your mom also.

Sharan was the last person I expected to see.

Government should be collaborative.


Fritz broke his promise.

She worked at the cost of her health.

You're going to tell me, right?

If you're missing the forest for the trees then you're failing to see the big picture.

This is the first time I've paid a fine.


The Joker is the wild card, OK?

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She worked in Belgium.


Let's go downstairs for dinner.

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You're the one who started this.

Huashi is married to a teacher.

I'm very optimistic.

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I have at least one house.


There appears to have been a mistake.

When would you have time to come over and help me move my piano?

His life ran smoothly.

I, too, am a teacher.

You make it sound very simple.

These books are heavy.

This is a very hard mattress.

There's nothing easier than speaking.

I never liked Jean.


Jack lived in Japan for several years.

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I can't believe Dennis did all this.


The summit talks are to be broadcast around the globe.

Olivier tried to drown himself in his bathtub.

What exactly are we trying to find?

Roy really liked this song.

The judge thought that the witness's evidence was disingenuous and unconvincing.

A third is less than a half.

She has asked the man at the hotel desk to get her the number.

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He breeds cattle and horses.


All of us try to be what none of us couldn't be except when some of us were what the rest of us desired.

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Where is the emergency exit?

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That's a pretty girl.

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They're on the eighth floor.

Mathematics is difficult for me.

The governor compromised on the subject to a certain degree.


These trees will never blossom.

It seems unlikely that Kent committed suicide.

You must be patient.

I'm going to take you to her.

How often do you stay up past 1:00am?

We'll do the same.

Maybe Srinivasan can explain what happened here.


This is the way he solved the problem.

I am confused. Where should I go?

If you could do it, would you do it?


I envy you your beauty.


Just go back to sleep.

Not everything can be explained.

I liked my cup of tea.

I would like to introduce my husband and my sons to you.

Lee doesn't want to be caught.

You often need to spend more time doing something than you anticipated.

His heart is sick.

She's always very calm and relaxed.

I resolved I would do my best.

I've been to the dentist's.

I can't remember where I hid my money.

I knew you were coming.

Tharen was kissed by Floria.

He solved the difficult problem.

She's at the hotel now.


Do you see anything?

Welcome to the big leagues.

I can't save anyone.

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I'm surprised you overlooked it.

Why do you think Dory wasn't able to pass his driving test?

Is it true that you baked a pizza today?

Andre wondered when the snow would stop.

Can you change the room for me?

Hotta considers himself a worthy candidate.

Moe has already thanked me.

Ivan Tsarevitch came to his father: "How can I marry the frog?" complained the son. "Is she my equal? Certainly she is not." "Never mind," replied his father, "you have to marry the frog, for such is evidently your destiny."

He didn't give me much advice.

The public will be notified on October 20th.

I usually go to the barber once a month.

There are many parks in our town.

You could at least try.

Human beings succeeded in flying into space.

When will we see each other again?

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It's too loud in the club.

There are grammatical principles involved.

What's Roger going to do for us?


Mayo opened the door to the conference room.

None of Frederic's friends could speak French.

I wonder if we can do it.

Do you need help with something?

I'll give it back next Monday without fail.


I've asked you not to do that.

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He wants an iPad 4.

That's a huge achievement.

Jim could hear whom she was phoning.


Have you decided where we are having lunch?

What happened last month?

I just heard about it thirty minutes ago.

He shares a room with his brother.

You could talk to them.

Heather was content.

It was no big deal, really.

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Pay your dues to the treasurer.

It's something I have to do.

I haven't had my breakfast yet.

Theodore was trying to stay focused.

We're not the bad guys.

They are of average height.

The end of money is the end of love.

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What is its purpose?

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Why did you say such a thing?

It isn't my preferred theme.

That's a question that only Corey can answer.

That noise is driving me mad.

Have you seen the news?

Bring along something to read.

It was careless of me to leave the gas on.