Not insurance. A lot better

You and your teammates cover each other. If you submit a claim within your team, your teammates pay it.

Hi team! Got into a little fender bender. I ballparked what it might cost to fix - probably within $1000?
Voting 6 days
Team Vote
825 USD
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Hi George! I paid $750 for a similar job on My Honda Civic. So I'm voting for $800.
"Treat others the way you want to be treated." Teambrella enforces the Golden Rule and aligns teammates' interests.
It's not just about seeing where the money goes, it's about controlling it. Every decision is made by discussion and voting.
Your team doesn't have the expenses of an insurance company. Keep 100% of your money if there are no claims in your team.

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We have 4 pilot teams in 4 countries and are launching another 2 soon.

TEAM: Los Bigotes
+200 Members / 7 claims
The Netherlands
TEAM: Bicycle Backup
+33 Members
TEAM: Dogs Fans
+135 Members / 3 claims
TEAM: Germany Bike Circle
+18 Members
United States
TEAM: Woofcare
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TEAM: Sub-Zero Deductibles
+24 Members
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Pet Health
Ana Martinez
Buenos Aires
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Collision deductible
John Smith
New York
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Suggest it and we might create a new team for it

How Teambrella works

In less than 1 minute

Tell your team

Submit your claim

Use the Teambrella app to tell the team about your claim. Your teammates can put themselves in your shoes, so there is no bureaucracy.

Empathy and transparency

Let the team vote

Every decision is made via discussion and voting. And transparency enforces the Golden Rule of fairness: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Pay and Get Paid

Receive P2P payments

When a team honors a claim, each teammate pays their share directly from their personal Ethereum wallet which is co-controlled by the team and the person. So there is no central entity that could keep the clients’ funds. We simply can’t profit from denying claims.

Liquid Democracy

Earn as a proxy voter

In Teambrella, one doesn't have to vote all the time and can choose you to vote on their behalf. As a proxy, you are compensated by the team for your time and expertise. The more people trust you as a proxy, the bigger your compensation is.

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