I thought I told you never to call me while I'm at the office.

Why didn't we help them?

None of us want that.

I had high hopes for them.

I think you should swim.

I don't like such sports as boxing and hockey.

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Boy bands were very popular at that time.


Marsha says he'll play golf even if it rains.


Malcolm is at least a head taller than me.

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What train is Rayan coming in on?

That's because there weren't any large carnivores in New Guinea.

Our tastes in art agree.

It was an amazing movie.

I really don't want it.

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The dining hall is directly adjacent to the lobby, or rather, from where you are, it's just three steps away?


Mayo lives frugally.

That's true, isn't it?

I built a new house in view of the mountain.

Roman talked about his trip.

I'd love a slice of pie.

Allen has no children.

Man is different from animals in that he has the faculty of speech.

Your shoes stink.

I just didn't believe Skef.


All you have to do is to push this button.

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Are you dying?

We aren't right or left because we are valenki.

The coffee was so hot that I couldn't drink it.

I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Tommy kept calling Duncan.


Marek put the book on the table.

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At what time is brunch?


Give me overseas service, please.

He borrowed one hundred bucks from me.

Pandora glared back at Moe.

Whenever you come, I'm ready.

Noam is older and wiser now.


Such trouble stems from carelessness.

Her cleverness often amazes me.

Everyone was shocked by the news.

Maybe I should talk to them.

The applicant didn't know how to answer the question.


I can't understand his obsession with hockey.

We have a meeting to get to.

I was waiting for a taxi.

She banged the table with her fist.

John is taller than anybody else.

The couch is in the foreground next to the table.

Can you still hear me?

The road to freedom: hard to climb.

All the teachers at our school have a universitary degree.

Tai fainted at the sight of blood.

It was good news.

This toast is not done enough.

He bought a bicycle for fifty thousand yen.

The number of houses being built was dropping.

No one agreed with her.

It's going really well.

I'm sure it's nothing serious.


I'm glad you like him.

Niall's elderly.

I went at once; otherwise I should have missed him.

Elliott drinks beer.

She likes painting pictures.

My cat's breath smells like cat food.

Just please do it.


He went by me without a single word.

Thank you, everybody. Thank you so much.

You're not worried about the test, are you?

I think we all learned something today.

Hope to talk to you soon

I'm not a bit interested in chemistry.

One Tuesday I stayed home because I had an appointment with the dentist later in the morning.

He's a diamond in the rough.

We've been out of touch with each other for a long time.

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This loaf of bread is small.


He only who has lived with the beautiful can die beautifully.

Which languages do you speak?

There's a doghouse in the yard.

When do you want me back here?

Help me learn how to drive.

You clown you.

What did you expect Nichael to do?


Eli left three hours ago so he should've arrived by now.


I swam a lot during this summer vacation.

Have you lost weight?

I will know the people of the country better.

I am taking her out to dinner this evening.

I need you to do something.

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I haven't seen Rod this morning.

I studied English for two hours after dinner.

When I saw the picture of my sister, I was astonished at how old she'd become.

When did you get to Kyoto?

Tuna has changed his mind about that.

"Well, that is, it's not something I can boast of," in fact it's not something I can talk unashamedly about in public.

Beware of the cockerel. It bites.

The less you learn, the more you'll fail.

Could I have flight information on flights from Salt Lake City to Phoenix please?


That would be possible.

State your case briefly.

I'll cook something for you.

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The least you can do is schlep me somewhere.


I don't remember Vladimir's smile anymore.


The baby just kicked.

Dory saw me give Ima some money.

Tyler isn't very good company.


The coolness of summer nights is stored in massive wood walls. Thus the interior temperature of the house is maintained at a pleasant level even on hot days.

He has a good case against her.

The bigger words he used, the harder it was to find anything inside of them.

Are they in Paris?

Archie is a doctor.


He ran to school, arriving in time.


It's an annual tradition here in Boston.

Something is wrong with this word-processor.

You might be able to talk to Carsten later today.

Dani has been making some progress.

That word is very hard to translate.


You're a coward!

I saw a shadow move behind that tree!

He has a hundred dollars at most.

With this price, your product would not be competitive in the Japanese market.

To where leads this difficult path?

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What's the problem with me going there instead of you?

The train has already left the station.

Sonny didn't know that Celia considered him a jerk.


Jay has been out of town for the last three months.

Considering that you have explained it to him many times, he must have already understood it.

I have never been sick since I was a child.

You need to buy him some new clothes.

Now you are sixteen, you should know better.

I thought Lloyd did a pretty good job.

I'm going to get married.


Slovakia is called "Slovensko" in Slovak.

It was a dangerous journey.

Let us in, please.

This isn't tasteless.

I got cold, so I turned on the heater.

I'm getting hungry.

That's the real reason.

Miriamne is the best student in our class.

The storm showed no signs of abating.


Hotta is quite short, isn't he?

I will send you the post which Kent posted on Facebook yesterday.

This is a crazy world.

It doesn't seem possible, does it?

Please, by all means, drop in when you go shopping.


This is for everyone who has received a notice from them.

Trying fired his secretary.

Vince paid five dollars for her lunch.


From which platform does the train to Higasikakogawa leave?

We understand you perfectly.

I thought Moses had gone to Boston.

This is an island in the Caribbean Sea.

Why would you want that?


Did you know there were a few foxes living on this mountain?


Oscar didn't look happy about it.

What do you think we should do next?

I tried calling you at your office.


Do you know when sie is going for holiday?


Let me give you an example.

We can see Mt. Fuji far away on a fine day.

There is no way to open this door.